How (Not) to Kill a Mockingbird: 7 Rules to Make LinkedIn Group Discussions Work


Recently we’ve been doing a lot of talk at AmCham about the role of our LinkedIn discussion group in our community. Let’s put it this […]

MyOdyssey: It Takes Two to Tango


On April 23 I had the honor to facilitate the launch of a new group of mentees during the kick-off of the 6th edition of […]

Cristi Danilet – The Solitude of Doing the Right Thing


Is it harder to leave or to stay and do the right thing? This was the question going through my mind on a cold evening […]

How to Get on a Journalist's Nerves During an Email Interview. Guaranteed


You know the feeling. You’re writing an article and you’re waiting for some comments that the source promised to send you via email. You open […]

Crisis communication in Uherský Brod: coordination failure?


Nine people died yesterday in Uherský Brod, South Moravia, the worst peacetime shooting in the history of the Czech Republic. It is a question though […]

13 Teachers who Change(d) My Life


This is a post I’ve wanted to write for a long, long time. Its time came now, as the end of 2014 allowed me to […]

Rodriguez: Follow Your Passion and Inner Voice


What are the things that we, women, do that make our lives more difficult at work? What is the key to succeeding in today’s turbulent […]

Welcome, Mr. President!


This year, November 17 was for me a day of euphoria. While the Czech Republic was celebrating 25 years from the Velvet Revolution, Romania was […]

Heartwarming WestJet Ad and a Christmas Take-away


As the best time of the year approaches, let me invite you to reflect upon a question. How would your life change if you took a […]

Hay Group: Leadership 2030 or Reputation Does Matter


The end of the year is usually the best time for scrutiny of past achievements and for planning the deeds ahead. Should you be asked […]

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