Breakthrough Talks

Public Speaking Services

Hire me to conduct your next uplifting company or conference keynote talk. Alternatively, invite me to speak on your podcast or provide an interview for your prestigious media outlet.

Drive Transformation With a Breakthrough Talk

Why You Should Hire Me as a Speaker

If you are looking for a no-nonsense strategic partner and a passionate keynote speaker to elevate your audience at your next corporate event or conference, look no further. I bring a unique blend of both life and professional experience mixed with data-driven insights and trends. Your audience will be grateful they attended your event or tuned into your podcast.

  • My Public Speaking Approach

    I always thoroughly research the topic I cover. My extensive professional and life experiences, combined with a systemic perspective, provide WOW insights for your audience.

  • Presentation Formats

    My public speaking style is ideal for corporate and conference keynote talks, as well as for smaller, in-depth workshops tailored to specific target audiences – including women leaders, minorities, HR and communication specialists, among others.

  • Public Speaking Experience 

    Annually, I speak at a minimum of five regional and global corporate events and international conferences, and I conduct at least three significant interviews. My virtual and in-person talks are attended by thousands of individuals.

The Holy Trinity of My Thought Leadership

The Topics That Get My Juices Flowing

I never take the stage without a strong belief in the topic that I am about to cover. You can bet that the topic we choose for my talk will be rooted in my personal experiences and passion for authentic, impactful communication.

Choose What's Best for You and Your Audience

Public Speaking Formats

My public speeches are divided into three main formats: keynote presentations for large corporate or conference events, live workshops for smaller, specific audiences, and interviews.

Choose the public speaking format that best fits your and your audience's needs.

  • Keynote Presentations

    My BREAKTHROUGH TALKS are famous for their interactive energy, no-nonsense style, solid grounding in data, and combination of my personal experiences with client stories. This approach is guaranteed to educate and impress your audience.

  • Live Workshops

    This is where I shine. If you decide to hire me for a workshop, my 14 years of experience in people and organizational development will be at your service. I will design a unique live learning experience for your audience.

  • Interviews 

    Who would have thought that I would come to love being on the other side of the microphone? Currently, I give a minimum of three interviews per year to various podcasts and media outlets, local, regional, and global. If you're in search of a great speaker for your podcast or media outlet, I am here for you

Drive Transformation With a Breakthrough Talk

Hire me to speak at your next event, live workshop, or media interview. I am eager to invest effort in understanding you, your needs, and the needs of your audience, and to leverage my experience for a memorable engagement. Book a 30-minute call to assess your needs and let’s talk.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions I receive from corporate event and conference organizers. Take a look, clarify your next steps, and let's talk.

  • How good is your English?

    Even though I am not a native speaker, I built my career as an English-language journalist and later as a regional and global entrepreneur, people and organization developer in English. You can rely on the quality of my spoken English to engage both native and non-native English-speaking audiences effectively.

  • Do you deliver talks online only, or do you also work in-person?

    Generally, my work and talks are conducted online. However, I am more than happy to attend regional and global corporate events and conferences where I am invited to speak. The price might be significantly higher than for online delivery, but the in-person experience will surely be enhanced by our physical presence and subsequent face-to-face chat.

  • How expensive are your public speaking services?

    My public speaking services reflect more than 14 years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies in Europe, all my professional education, and my obsessive focus on quality and effective impact. This will be reflected in the price of my public speaking packages. However, there is always room for negotiation and alignment if budget concerns arise, especially when you are committed to delivering the best for your audience at your next event.

  • How long are your keynote talks?

    The duration can vary based on your needs. Typically, keynote talks last from 30 to 90 minutes, including Q&A. The final length of my talk for your event will be determined based on your program, priorities, and budget.

  • How long are your live workshops?

    The duration depends on their role in your program. A live workshop can range from 60 minutes to 4 hours, with one or two short breaks. The final length of my workshop for your event will be determined based on your program, priorities, and budget.

  • How far ahead should we hire you for a keynote talk or live workshop?

    Due to my commitment to building our business and community, my calendar is typically booked about a year in advance. I encourage initiating a conversation and hiring me as soon as you decide to work together for the event. You can also inquire about availability for events happening in less than a year; there’s a chance I could accommodate you. Note that my flexibility is greater for online events than for in-person events, which require travel and significant advance planning.

  • How should I proceed if I want you to speak on our next podcast episode?

    Please email me at with details about your intention and needs, and suggest a timeline. I will make every effort to accommodate your request. Note that filling in complex podcast speaker profiles is not feasible for me. The most efficient way to get to know me better is to email or WhatsApp your questions to (+420 776 574 925), and I will respond with a video or audio message to help you assess my fit for your interview.