Leader on the Czech market? Your job is just about to get much harder


As a foreigner in the Czech Republic who speaks Czech and who, till a few years ago when the migration crisis started had the feeling […] Personal Branding – Think and Be Bold


A year ago, Tomáš Dražný was getting ready for a risky career turn. A partner in a local headhunting boutique, he had spotted a gap on the […]

Personal Branding Liberates. What Do You Do with Your Freedom?


November is a month when we talk a lot about freedom. On November 17 Czechs made their voice heard several times along the history. Next, […]

#metoo - How HR Lost Trust During the Harvey Weinstein Scandal – And How to Get It Back


In the tensed atmosphere of the last electoral weekend in the Czech Republic it was quite easy to lose track of a significant issue holding […]

Employee Retention: 9 Ways to Boost People Satisfaction at Work


Last week I had the honor to speak at the Czech PR Klub workshop Employer Branding. I talked about my experience in 2015 – 2017 […]

How to Turn a Facebook Identity Theft Into a Trust-Building Opportunity


On Saturday evening I was enjoying a long walk with my dog along the stunning scenery of the Bečva river in East Moravia when my […]

Personal Branding: Empower Yourself, Empower Your Business


In my strategic communications consulting and coaching practice, I am often confronted with the question: if I start boosting my personal brand, does it mean […]

How Would You Like People to Feel When Hearing Your Name?


Names carry energy. Personal brands are names turned into strategic vehicles for carring a lasting - positive or negative - legacy. Read the names below […]

Do You Want to Retain Talent? Encourage Your People to Build Personal Brands


Numerous companies in the Czech Republic are confronted today with the threat of losing their best people to competition. On a market with the lowest […]

Why Women Fail (More Often than Men) at Media Communications


An interview I conducted recently with a reputable woman manager for one of my clients' magazine made me ask myself in wonder: why on Earth […]

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