Instinctual Biases at Work: Can the Social-Only Company Succeed?


Recently I had the chance to attend an office visit in a large multinational company that moved recently into a new building. The company took […]

Personal Branding: A Creator’s Journey


On May 9, 2017, James Comey, director of the American Bureau of Federal Investigations (FBI) and one of the most powerful  men in the US, […]

How to Handle Media when You Can't Trust Their Ownership


Few in the Czech Republic are unfamiliar these days with the scandals surrounding the Czech minister of finance, Andrej Babis, and his proven intervention in […]

Employer Branding: Who Should Own the Process?


The topic of Employer Branding is new, massive and misunderstood. That’s why so many companies end up with the HR and PR departments throwing the […]

7 Ways Employer Branding is Changing Czech Companies


This spring it seems to be on everyone’s lips: employer branding. No one saw it, no one knows what it eats and where it sleeps, […]

The Challenge for 2016: Truthful Communications


Looking back at the year we leave behind, it can be said that 2015 made it clear once again that people plan and Gods laugh. […]

5 Reasons Why Czech CEOs Should Consider Running a Twitter Account


Have you ever thought about why the Czech Minister of Finance Andrej Babiš chose Twitter as one of his favorite means of communication with the […]

Women Leaders: Finally Coming Home


For the last two years I have been blessed to do a lot more work for women leaders. As the focus on gender equality and […]

Snow White’s Red Apple Carries a New Name: Leadership


Call it synchronicity. For the last two months, three of the most important business women communities that I am attending brought up the theme of […]

Six Steps to Leverage Your Media Presence – For Your Own Good


“Fine. You got me an article in Forbes. But how many CLIENTS did you actually bring me?” When I first heard this question from a […]

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