6 Ways to Use the End of the Year to Boost Trust with Your Media


Most of you are already looking forward for the peace of mind around Christmas and the New Year’s Eve. Journalists feel the same way. However, […]

H&M Crisis Management Teaches a Lesson on Full-Page Ads


Recently, a friend of mine asked me if he shouldn’t buy a full-page ad in a Czech national daily. He wanted to bring more attention […]

Would You Hire Me to Train Your Leaders If My Nose Is Pierced?


I have numerous clients among Top100 Czech companies for whom I provide media and communications training and coaching. They’ve never noticed that my nose is […]

Cherish Your Energy: 10 Tips How to Get the Most Out of Your Events This Autumn


For most of us – and against all natural laws that encourage us to rather slow down towards the end of the year – autumn […]

Strategic Media Relations for Summertime


In 2013, the media industry went through a deep transformation. According to recent studies, it was one of the most dynamic years in terms of […]

Journalism’s Impossible Dilemmas


Flipping through my Amazon wish list I stumbled upon a book I wanted to read ever since I was a reporter. The Journalist and the Murderer is […]

The Wisdom of Slowing Down. Dare to Gain Perspective in an Increasingly Noisy World


The word ‘transformation’ has been often used to describe the deep process that companies and individuals underwent since the beginning of the economic crisis in […]

Why I Love Autumn – About Leadership, Transformation and the Spring In Sight


I used to hate autumn. As a child, this was the time to put on the raincoat and high rubber boots and walk the three […]

Dip Below the Waterline: Integrating Media Communication and Personal Development for Genuine Leadership


I have written several times in the past that there is no leadership without communication. Communication that backs leadership is so much more than learning […]

Babiš's Purchase of Mafra Raises Questions of Motives


Andrej Babiš, founder of agriculture firm Agrofert and political movement ANO 2011, says he will lay down strict ethical guidelines that will prevent him from […]

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