Never Walk Alone

Individual Executive Development

Top executive coaching and mentoring for present, former, and future women CEOs. 

Why Should You Never Walk Alone?

Executive Coaching and Mentoring for Women CEOs

The loneliest place is at the top. All those challenges you, the CEO, face daily – you can't always take them home, and you can't always discuss them openly with your executive team and company representatives. So, who is left to help you bear the weight of the crown? Your executive mentor and coach, aka... moi 😊.

Cristina is the Swiss knife of personal and professional growth. I started a 1-1 coaching program with Cristina because I needed to take a step back and to understand how I can help my company grow without being systematically on the verge of a burnout. Previous years of introspection and previous coaches could not do what Cristina did in only a few sessions: she gave me X-ray vision for what’s really behind my successes and failures until now. I’ve gained an unprecedented understanding and awareness of my core beliefs, how they have shaped my actions throughout more than two decades of my life and why I keep pushing myself to exhaustion. This understanding is slowly and profoundly reshaping the way I work and the way I conceive my next decade in my life. If you’re considering Cristina for similar work, I can only recommend you do so.

Dorian Lupu

Founder & CEO, Botyglot France

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This is how I serve:

Present CEOs

You want to succeed, make a difference in your organization and beyond, and build a lasting legacy. I am here for you.

Former CEOs

You wish to retain your influence after your official CEO mandate ends and continue driving positive change in our world even after your retirement. I am here for you.

Future CEOs

You aim to hit the ground running and start fast, with grace, power, and impact from the moment you become the next CEO. I am here for you.

How Does Never Walk Alone Work? 

The Process

This versatile executive coaching and mentoring program, Never Walk Alone, has been designed to help you address the specific challenges you face today. I invite you to join me in a thorough process aimed to make sure you achieve maximum results, impact, and bang for your buck.

  • Step 0 – Let's talk

    Let's take 30 minutes to get to know each other. Free of charge, no strings attached. During this time we will talk, bond, and I will be happy to listen to your greatest professional and personal challenges you are facing right now. Based on this conversation we both can make a decision whether to continue in our conversation or not.

  • Step 1 – Diagnosis and Goal Setting

    When we decide to work together, we will dive into your program with a 30-minute diagnosis and goal setting. We will specify your objectives and the desired outcomes you want to achieve by the end of our program. Based on this diagnosis we identify the urgency of your topics and we select the topic for your first session.

  • Step 2 – Delivery

    In this phase we deep dive into your challenges. To do this I will use my entire professional development toolbox: executive coaching and self-reflection to clarify your path, executive mentoring to leverage your real-life experience and know-how, training simulations to prepare you for what's coming your way, and techniques such as visualization and somatic exercises. Sessions can be recorded. Do expect self-reflective exercises and extensive asynchronous support via WhatsApp and email between our one-on-one sessions.

  • Step 3 – Feedback and Follow-Up

    As we wrap up our development program, we'll assess your current position, progress, and challenges still lurking on your path. I welcome your feedback and a rich discussion on our collaboration and ways to improve it going forward. As you grow, so too will your horizon expand - and your challenges. This is why most of my clients decide to continue our partnership through a different executive mentoring package designed to help them tackle new challenges arising from their success.

Should You Define Your Challenges Alone?


Sometimes it can be helpful to reflect and work on the challenges you know you have without further interventions. On the other hand, when you are about to enter a complex stakeholder environment with multiple perspectives and demands, it can be helpful to get them on board with your development. This is why I offer you two 360° assessment formulas aimed to help you make sure that you are focusing on the right challenges and you progress in a direction that is aligned with your stakeholders' expectations from you.

The Success Formula

Why Three Options of Never Walk Alone?

I am here to serve you with the precise type of intensity and urgency you require. Based on my experience serving over 200 individual clients, I can say with conviction that these three formulas usually meet clients' needs best, which is why I recommend you explore them in depth.

With Whom Will You Work?

Your Mentor and Coach

I will work with you personally. Never Walk Alone is a work of love and a carrier of my own purpose and positive impact on the world. This is why I would be honored to get to know you and for us to address your challenges together.

If you want to learn more about me, my qualifications, and my story, please feel free to visit my My Story page.

My Story

Your Success is My Success


I feel incredibly privileged to be able to work with some of the smartest, most heartfelt and impactful leaders and CEOs on this planet. Feel free to check my clients’ reflections on our work together. 

My Services Will Yield ROI for You for Years to Come


Here are a couple of ways you can use to measure the ROI of my individual coaching and mentoring services NEVER WALK ALONE:

  • The difference between your current salary and the salary you will receive in your new CEO / senior leadership role. Multiply that by 36 – 36 is the minimum length of a CEO mandate, unless the CEO appointment was a mistake – or by 50, the average length of a regular CEO mandate. Anything on top of that is a bonus – my treat 😊

  • Imagine that you give an interview for Forbes. Your exposure will bring you a minimum of 6 pages for free. If you were to pay for advertising on 6 pages, you would pay a minimum of 10 000 EUR per page (it can be more function of the maturity of your market). By giving one good interview you save your company a minimum of 60 000 EUR. The instant ROI in my services: 7.5.

  • Calculate the value of your reputation and personal brand after your current CEO mandate. How will your market value increase and how will your compensation negotiation levers manifest when you apply for your next CEO role?

  • Calculate the value of your good name and access to premium / exclusive services that your visibility offers yourself, your children, family members, and other people you care about.

  • Calculate the positive impact of writing a book on your local, regional, and global reputation. How will your market value, negotiation power, and career and life management opportunities expand once you become a reputable published author?

And so on and so forth. If the ROI calculation is a topic of your interest, please book a call and let’s calculate it together.

Don't Walk Alone

Book a simple and quick 30-minute call with me personally to get to know each other and to assess the magnitude of your challenges as a CEO. I promise to invite you to work together only if I truly believe we can be a great fit; our time is precious for both of us, and I wish the best for you, myself, your company, and my own business. The 30-minute call is a free, no-strings-attached virtual conversation. You literally have nothing to lose – and everything to gain.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions I receive regularly from potential clients. Take a look, clarify your next steps, and let’s talk. 

  • Is Never Walk Alone for CEOs only?

    No. Never Walk Alone is an executive coaching and mentoring program for present, former, and future CEOs. This means that if you’re on track to become the next CEO, you could derive tremendous benefits from working with me on the strategy for your next career step. Similarly, if you have already exited the CEO role and are looking for your next impactful mission, we can work together. The simplest way to check whether this program is for you is to book a direct call with me, and we will take it from there.

  • Is Never Walk Alone for women CEOs only?

    No. Never Walk Alone is an executive coaching and mentoring program dedicated to any top-level executive – present, former, and future CEO – who wants to grow in their career and leadership. My preference to work with women leaders directly serves the mission of my company, Vornica® – to triple the number of women CEOs in Europe by 2030. However, male leaders are wonderful clients, and they are more than welcome to use Never Walk Alone to amplify their leadership and impact. I rejoice and grow in the process of working together with inspiring male leaders.

  • Who pays for Never Walk Alone, me or my company?

    It depends on the phase in your career and life. Clients who are about to be promoted as CEOs or who are already CEOs usually get their bill settled by their company. On the other hand, clients who eye an exit from the corporate environment to launch their own businesses or who are not employed by a company anymore choose to settle their bills themselves.

  • Is the price of Never Walk Alone the same if paid from one’s own pocket or by a company?

    Yes. The value provided to the end customer through this service is the same. The only difference is that, depending on your location in the world and the various VAT regimes applicable in our countries, we might be able to apply a VAT exemption that will shave off 21% of VAT from your final bill in case you are a physical person covering your costs by yourself.

  • Is the price of Never Walk Alone the same when applied to clients from Western Europe and North America, and to clients from Eastern Europe and other parts of the world?

    Yes. The value provided to the end customer through this service is the same. The only difference – same as above – is that, depending on your location and the various VAT regimes applicable in our countries, we might be able to apply a VAT exemption that will shave off 21% of VAT from your final bill.

  • How much time do I have to use my sessions?

    It depends on the formula you purchased. In general, I recommend using Under Pressure in less than a month, Solution in less than three months, and Transformation in less than six months.

  • Will our sessions be recorded?

    Yes, should you choose so. One of the greatest advantages of working together online is that we can preserve everything through session recording. Thus, during the session, we can focus on each other and on the challenge at hand, and less on note-taking.

  • How do you protect my data privacy?

    Your psychological and data safety are my massive concerns. Protecting your psychological safety is one of the reasons I chose not to become a digital nomad even though I work remotely – because I want to offer you my full attention from a private space with no interruptions, noise, and background distractions. In terms of data safety, all your data is stored in the cloud in a folder accessible only to you and me, and on my private server for backup. Your data is deleted as soon as our program together has ended, and I have your permission to clean up our servers.

  • Do you only work online, or can we have our sessions in-person as well?

    99.99% of my work is done online. This is how I get to serve clients from all over the world and protect my time and boundaries without burning out. However, if I happen to be in your home city and we both decide it could be nice to run a session in-person, I will be happy to oblige. Yet, expect this to be the rare exception rather than the usual way of working together.