Heartwarming WestJet Ad and a Christmas Take-away


As the best time of the year approaches, let me invite you to reflect upon a question. How would your life change if you took a moment to explore the real needs of the people in your life?

Just let that sink in for a moment.

Then watch this heartwarming video:

What is it that WestJet did right in exploring and meeting the needs of its customers? How can you apply the same thing in your life?

My experience is that, very often, we tend to IMAGINE needs on the other side (our family, friends, colleagues, bosses, community).

Why? Maybe it’s just easier: if we need it, they must need it too. Maybe it’s because we’re a bit afraid that, if we knew the real needs of our counterpart, we might not be able to accomplish them. Maybe we’re afraid of a potential confrontation. Or maybe we simply don’t know how to do it differently.

Regardless of the reason, when we project needs on the other side as opposed to exploring them TOGETHER, our behavior speaks more about US and OUR needs than about our counterpart. The ability to step outside such an approach and offer an open hand to our partner in exploring mutual needs and possibilities makes room for miracles. The outcome is genuine joy and deeper, nurturing relationships at work and home.

Enjoy a magic December full of accomplished needs and see you all next year!

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