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Welcome! My name is Cristina Muntean. I am a woman, entrepreneur, and the founder and CEO of VORNICA®, a company on a mission to triple the number of women CEOs in Europe by 2030. I am also the executive development coach and mentor of choice of women CEOs around the world. Thank you for being here.

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I work with CEOs – particularly women CEOs – because it's the fastest and the most impactful way to contribute to the positive systemic transformation our world needs.

Together, we'll explore the intricate balance required among stakeholders with divergent needs. We'll nurture your capacity for wise decision-making and critical distance. We will also discover how you can shift beyond immediate pressure to tap into your inherent wisdom, achieve long-term impact, and realize your full human and leadership potential.

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Learn how I partner with top executives and their companies to drive excellence, learning, and sustainable transformation. My mantra is: “Once a client, always a client.”

Read what my clients and lifelong business partners have to say about my work.

  • It takes a rare gift, outstanding knowledge of the media world, and the skill of a coach to teach a person to craft a message both interesting to journalists and memorable to the reader. Cristina Muntean does an outstanding job of teaching you to be a media-savvy CEO while still being yourself.

    Ivana Goossen

    Ex-CEO, University of Pittsburgh - Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business Europe

  • Cristina has provided me with indispensable help and advice in preparing for high-profile public appearances, important stakeholder meetings, interviews, and panel sessions. Her training in storytelling has deeply impacted my style of delivery on the stage; she has helped me build rapport with various audiences. I have received practical insights on speech drafts, PowerPoint presentations, content and style, real-life dilemmas etc. When you work with Cristina you get full focus and utmost attention, impartial advice and objective feedback, inspiring stories and handy examples, all served with a very positive, energizing and charming vibe. All-in-all both a very invigorating and practically useful experience. Cristina is very emotionally intelligent and I try hard to keep up and to learn from her at the same time 🙂 If anything, I believe she could charge more, her services are totally worth it. Working with Cristina is a great experience, definitely time and money well spent.

    Kiril Bachvarov

    CEO, Home Credit Kazakhstan

  • Cristina has the talent to tune in to a specific group or individual and to design a program according to very specific needs. She creates relationships based on trust that are a good basis for the development of individuals or groups. Her language skills and multicultural experience are also an added value. Cooperation with Cristina is very rewarding and at the same time very pleasant. Cristina will not push anyone to achieve their goal; everyone must find the will to develop within themselves. Yet she will gently accompany and support you in this whole process.

    Ivana Martiňaková

    CEO, dm-drogerie markt Romania

  • Cristina is the Swiss knife of personal and professional growth. I started a 1-1 coaching program with Cristina because I needed to take a step back and to understand how I can help my company grow without being systematically on the verge of a burnout. Previous years of introspection and previous coaches could not do what Cristina did in only a few sessions: she gave me X-ray vision for what’s really behind my successes and failures until now. I’ve gained an unprecedented understanding and awareness of my core beliefs, how they have shaped my actions throughout more than two decades of my life and why I keep pushing myself to exhaustion. This understanding is slowly and profoundly reshaping the way I work and the way I conceive my next decade in my life. If you’re considering Cristina for similar work, I can only recommend you do so.

    Dorian Lupu

    Founder & CEO, Botyglot France

  • If you are looking for a mentor/coach to guide you through the journey of finding your true vision and navigate smartly in this complex world, Cristina is definitely the right choice. Cristina is a natural coach and facilitator. She is patient, intuitive, and wise beyond her years. And she has a masterful knack for knowing when to invoke these various skills to bring out a clarity of purpose and desire that is often hard to pinpoint on your own. She has a way of repackaging your own, sometimes confusing, thoughts in a way that adds meaningful direction. I’m very grateful to have worked with her during a challenging period professionally throughout 2019 and the result is remarkable. Thank you Cristina for joining me into my “big leap”!

    Ling Hong

    Executive Director, Goldman Sachs Asset and Wealth Management Netherlands

  • During my time as CEO of Foxconn Global Services Division (FGSD) in the Czech Republic I became acquainted with Cristina when we both worked on a specific account development project. The cooperation worked so well that we asked Cristina to work more intensively for my organization in order to develop the Communications and Marketing strategy for FGSD. I must say that working with her changed not only my professional, but also my private life. It changed my view on things that one can observe daily in the media and it definitely added value to my business by leveraging the company resources in order to enable sustainability and growth. I am no longer working as CEO of Foxconn GSD, but I will certainly rely on Cristina again in the future to support me personally in all aspects of company communication, to train people in my organisation and to support with developing sales and HR team capabilities. As a modern CEO I recognize that communications and marketing require a professional approach. For that you must rely on real professionals. Professionals like Cristina. As a CEO I found it delightful to work with Cristina because you can rely on her with all aspects of your communications and marketing both for the company and for you as a leader.

    Jan van der Hoeven

    Ex-CEO, Foxconn Global Services Division Czech Republic / Europe

  • I started working with Cristina in a period of multiple changes in my work and private life. I needed to identify my values and key priorities. With Cristina I was visiting different areas of my work and private life step by step. During our sessions we discussed topics ranging from business, philanthropy, and my personal life. I was able to name and describe the challenges and consequently decide for my concrete steps and actions. Cristina is able to help with a wide scope of questions starting with personal daily routines to hiring strategies, PR and communication, target setting, embracing diversity etc. With her great questions she helped me find my own answers. Cristina is more than a coach; she is a psychologist, a communication specialist, a lifestyle advisor, and a friend.

    Kateřina Zapletalová

    Board Member, MOSER a.s. Czech Republic

  • Cristina is a professional business consultant who brings measurable results to our company growth. The relationship of our team with Cristina is more than just a supplier -> customer relationship, it’s about trust, support, empathy and more important, an incredible injection of a positive energy from Cristina to our leadership ambitions and at the same moment, it’s about very tough feedback to our macho ego. One can steal horses with Cristina!

    Libor Witassek

    Founder & CEO, DC Vision, Czech Republic

Case Studies

Learn how to tackle your career and leadership challenges and how to succeed as an outstanding CEO directly from my esteemed clients. Unless stated otherwise, names, organizations, and countries in the case studies below have been changed to protect the confidentiality and privacy of my individual clients.

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Being a CEO means we serve a system greater than ourselves. That alone is challenging; what makes it even harder is simultaneously being the founder of that system. I have created my own ecosystem in the hope of serving women CEOs, executive teams, organizations, and in that way, our whole world.


    This is my company. We are on a mission to triple the number of women CEOs across Europe by 2030, thus achieving full gender parity in top leadership positions by 2050.

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    Our leadership development and career acceleration community for smart, talented, and ambitious women leaders aiming to grow into into the C-Suite and become the next CEOs.

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Throughout the years I created a wide array of content inspired by my former business journalism work and my collaboration with individual and corporate clients. Feel free to explore and utilize the insights and inspiration you need for your next step.


Here you'll find all my e-books, organized by date of publication.

  • Free ebook I, the Brand cover mockup

    I, The Brand

    Personal Branding for Thought Leadership, Career, and Business Growth

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    Strategic Communications for the Digital Age

    Solutions for Beginners and Experienced Pros in the Art of Strategic Digital Communications

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    Get It First, but First Get It Right

    An Insider’s Guide to Strategic Media Relations


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Sample my thought leadership inspired by my education, daily experience, and work with clients.


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