Do you have in teams your company that are absolutely essential for the long term well-being of your organization?

My development activities for teams follow the natural development progress of a team:


  • Who we are: Self-awareness with the Enneagram for the entire (new) team
  • Our North Star: Purpose, vision, mission and concrete goals for our (new) team
  • Our common values: Personal, team and organization values in practice
  • Diversity: How to transform our unconscious biases so each of us can fully belong to our team and can bring forward their entire human potential at work
  • Clarity: Clear roles, decision-making mechanisms and ways-of-working together for better collaboration and co-creation in in-person, remote and hybrid teams
  • Remote Leadership: Setting up strategic ways-of-communicating, collaboration and co-creation processes in remote teams
  • Hybrid Leadership: Setting up strategic ways-of-communicating, collaboration and co-creation processes in teams operating in a hybrid environment (both on-premise and remotely)
  • Team branding: How to communicate the purpose and value of your team strategically, both internally with your other departments and externally with your key stakeholders


  • Emotional agility : The basics of emotional intelligence for every team
  • Psychological safety: How to create and safeguard trust and psychological safety, the key ingredient for high performing teams
  • Empowerment: How to stop complaining and start being more accountable at work and in our personal lives
  • Communication styles with the Enneagram
  • Feedback as a gift: Strategic feedback for teams   
  • Team motivation in practice
  • Sustainable relationships at work: How to develop compassion with each other and how to move from conflict to collaboration and co-creation
  • Clarity in team communications: Communicating and managing expectations internally, among team members, and externally with the team key stakeholders
  • Burnout: Everything you need to know to recognize, prevent and master the presence and aftermath of potential burnout in your team


  • Managing expectations: How to communicate expectations with clarity and how to lead in complex stakeholder ecosystems
  • Simplification: How to simplify our processes and ways-of-working together as a team (facilitated workshop)
  • Managing priorities: Prioritization, delegation and mindful time management
  • Effective communications: Strategic remote communications and effective emails
  • Virtual meetings: How to set them up more effectively and how to lead them


  • Critical distance: How to build critical distance in order to make better decisions during massive uncertainty
  • Coaching styles with the Enneagram: How to develop a coaching leadership style and how to turn your team into a group of coaches dedicated to each other’s growth
  • Leadership with the Enneagram: Nine styles of leadership and their development in practice
  • Know-how transfer: 9 learning styles and new skill development with the Enneagram


  • Exit interviews for team managers
  • Open doors: How to say good bye to former colleagues who left the company as a consequence of restructuring or layoffs while retaining team engagement and productivity

I offer team development under the form of:

  • Advisory
  • Team process facilitation
  • Team coaching and mentoring
  • Training of critical skills for team management, productivity and leadership.

Our collaboration with the entire team is taking place both in-person and virtually.

Do you want to have long term functioning teams where people care about each other, help each other and where belonging, new ideas, collaboration and productivity flow naturally? Please drop me a message with your inquiry and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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I shall answer your inquiry as soon as possible. If your question is urgent, please send me a message via SMS or WhatsApp at my personal number +420 776 574 925 and I will get back to you. Thank you for your interest, I am looking forward to our collaboration!
I focus on strategic communications, emotional and systemic intelligence and personal and organization leadership. I help leaders and future leaders to develop their strategic communication skills, to build reputable personal brands and to boost their team and organizational leadership. I support individuals, teams and organizations through advisory, training, coaching and mentoring services.

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