Nokia - Connecting people, disconnecting Rumunsko


Černý týden pro rumunskou ekonomiku. Zpráva, že mezinárodní výrobce mobilních telefonů Nokia odchází z Kluže, střední Rumunsko, uhodila jako blesk z čistého nebe. Rumunská měna […]

Reputation Management Vexes Czech Exporters


While Europe is heading towards a second wave of economic crisis, only a handful of Czech companies are ready to manage their communication on emerging […]

5 Reasons Why PR Advisors Should Record Client Interviews


Client interviews are the bread and butter of many media relations experts. However, PR advisors don’t always manage to get the best out of such […]

Seeing the Taj Mahal in Prague or what makes a great source for an economic journalist


The story begins in early spring 2006. I had just started to work for the economic magazine Czech Business Weekly (CBW), and I had been […]

What is Lean PR?


Let’s say a big thanks to Toyota, the Japanese car manufacturer. Thanks to them we have a concept that was first coined in 1988 by […]

Your Image? Your Summer Homework


When your friends are looking for your name on the Internet, are you happy with what they find? How about your clients, potential business partners, […]

Embracing the ‘Cucumber Season’


On the front page of its July 7 edition, the flagship of the Czech economic media, daily Hospodářské noviny, came up with a most interesting […]

A Leader! A Leader! My Kingdom for a Czech Leader!


“A leader is a dealer in hope.” Napoleon Bonaparte might have said this phrase three centuries later than the moment when the mighty Shakespeare wrote […]

How Can We Innovate Services on the Czech Market?


This Friday, I have been invited to speak on innovating services in the Czech market at the Innovation Day conference. Media Education CEE was born […]

Brand Journalism? No, Czech Power – Common Sense Included


When I decided to set up my own media education company last year in May, my wish was to share my experience with those interested […]

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