Abandon All Hope, You Who Chase Quick PR


Every time a client comes to me and asks for quick PR, my stomach churns. Such clients usually ask for PR for events they organize […]

Nečas: Savvy Politician or Inept in Handling His Image?


People who follow the doings of the Czech Prime Minister Petr Nečas often say he has no charisma. A colorless, tasteless style meant to keep […]

Why We All Need a PR Mentor


In the era of social media and virtual interactions, one would expect that PR professionals would be able to find all the information they need […]

Cristina Muntean, first AmCham Marketing Committee chairwoman


Ex-business journalist, Media Education CEE founder named first chairwoman of the Marketing Committee of Prague AmCham This article was first published on January 26, 2012, […]

Why Sources Weren’t Born to Make Reporters Happy?


It's easy to get drunk on media power. It is that feeling when you think you are entitled to ask anything to anyone at anytime […]

PR Sins and What to Do About Them


A series of recent experiences showed me that sometimes a PR representative is paradoxically the biggest barrier in promoting an organization. When you have journalists […]

5 Reasons Why Customer Care Should Prevail in 2012


While Czech exports have been growing beyond expectations in November 2011, internal demand took the opposite direction. Czechs were already buying less last year, and […]

Dirty Deals in Czech Media?


A few scattered events that occurred in late November cast some light on the doings of Czech media. Unfortunately, the whole picture and all its […]

Back to Classicism


After an unusually busy summer I decided to take a week off and go for a training camp in Croatia. I was hoping that physical […]

Reputation Lessons for Women from Petra Kvitová


Watching tennis on a TV screen didn’t tell me much until this weekend. My home country Romania is a football passionate and except for the […]

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