Boom and Bust: Why Czech Start-ups Need Professional Communication


The economic crisis that began in 2008 has emphasized that the true engine of a healthy economy is the vivacious small enterprises created and driven […]

Magazines struggle as readership plummets


As the traditional print market continues to decline, publishing houses are increasingly experimenting with digital media as well as new titles and concepts in a […]

Media Training for Leaders: And Why It’s Not Enough


When people ask me why I decided to leave journalism in order to become a media trainer and coach, I admit it’s not easy to […]

The End of the Media World As We Know It and What to Do About It


When I entered the Faculty of Journalism at the University of Bucharest in June 2000, a whole world was just about to begin. The promise […]

Lessons from Pavel Řehák of Česká Pojišťovna: How a CEO Can Make a Real Difference


Lying back in my chair at the 2012 Czech PR Summit, I am trying to relax. The morning started on the wrong foot. I hit […]

Where’s the Button for My Personal Financial Advisor?


Last week I experienced three situations that made me ponder on the power of human attitude. In many cases I dare to say such attitude […]

No Real Leadership Without Communication


The biggest challenge I face as a corporate communication advisor is access to my clients’ wants and needs. Two questions remain are what is the […]

CEOs’ PR Sins. A Small Guide to Heaven and Hell


Yes. I know. Many of my good friends, whose job is to represent their organisations, will “love” me again. But somebody must say it. Most […]

Who’s the Real Time Killer – Email or Us?


It’s incredible how much clarity one can achieve just by taking one week off with no phone signal or Internet access. For example, we might […]

PR Horror a la Czech: Spokeswoman Fired for Not Securing Authorization


Many things aren’t as professional as they could be in the Czech PR. Yet, one thing goes constantly beyond the limit – the issue of […]

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