We Exist Before We Exist. In the Media.


We live in an open world. If you don’t believe there are no more secrets today, just think of Wikileaks. The hard skills we learned […]

How to Get Your NGO in the Media with Storytelling?


In the previous post, I was talking about the importance of storytelling for media reps and their audiences. The question is: how can you use […]

How to Tell a Positive Story to a Journalist?


I am often asked by media experts and non-specialists alike why it’s so difficult to “sell” a positive story to a journalist. So, I ask […]

How to Miss a Damn Good Media Crisis


No one was safe during this crisis. No one is safe yet. This could be the simple conclusion of two days of media talks at […]

The 13 Golden Rules of Handling an Angry Journalist


Clients. No industry, business or service sector can do without them. Clients are good, as long as you keep them happy. The issue arises when […]

The 13 Golden Rules of How to Behave During an Interview


When you meet a journalist, it means you have (most probably) already done your homework in terms of preparing what you want to say to […]

The 13 Golden Rules of Preparation for a Media Encounter


What makes the difference between a great media speaker and a source all journalists would strive to avoid? Most usually, it’s preparation. A media-aware leader […]

How to Re-Engage People when Everything is Going Down?


To many managers in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), the ongoing economic crisis brought a total new perspective on work. For more than two years, […]

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