The Real Glass Ceiling – What’s Really Preventing Exceptional Women Leaders from Becoming the Next CEO

Are you a senior woman leader scratching her head when you see who has been proposed to become the next CEO while your own good work remains ignored?

When: 15/04/2024 18:00 CET - 15/04/2024 19:30 CET

Location: Online - Zoom

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VIP Roundtable

Are you a senior woman leader scratching her head when you see who has been proposed to become the next CEO of your organization while your own good work or the work of other phenomenal women leaders from your executive team remains largely ignored?

If you answered yes, you need to join us for our upcoming VIP executive roundtable for exceptional women leaders THE REAL GLASS CEILING – WHAT’S REALLY PREVENTING EXCEPTIONAL WOMEN LEADERS FROM BECOMING THE NEXT CEO.

I admit: I am sick and tired of talking.

Since I was a journalist back in 2005-2010 and I was writing about the lack of women CEOs in companies until today when I mentor women leaders on becoming the next CEO, I have heard and read more words on why we have so few women at the top than I care to remember.

And yet, progress in women’s career advancement into top leadership is moving forward at a snail’s pace.

Not sure about you, but I for sure don’t plan to wait for another 130 years (UN’s estimate) for us, women, to acquire gender parity in top leadership. I would need to reincarnate twice for that, and that’s just too much work 😊.

So, what are the solutions for real systemic change? What does need to happen in our world to blow away the last real glass ceiling – between the C-Suite and the CEO?

Let’s come together – you, exceptional C-Suite women leaders from all over the world active in Europe – to share your own experience, grief, and next leadership and career steps. Let’s talk, share, and commit to concrete and specific steps aimed to take you – and other superb women leaders just like you – into becoming the next CEO.

Please save your seat for my upcoming VIP executive roundtable THE REAL GLASS CEILING below.

The purpose of this virtual get-together event is to:

  1. Share my own observations on the key challenges women in the C-Suite face when striving to become the next CEO. These observations are collected in 1-1 executive coaching and mentoring sessions, group development programs, and interviews with women leaders.
  2. Share trends that could blow wind in your sails if you’d like to bid to become the next CEO, and trends that are prone to make our lives much harder in the next decade.
  3. Give voice to your own experience, concerns, and perspective on key challenges we need to face and overcome when aiming for the CEO role.
  4. Identify, commit to, and drive palpable solutions for more of you to become the next CEO.

Will you join us?

NOTE: This virtual event is invite-only and it is dedicated to women leaders active in the C-Suite and / or non-executive boards of directors in corporate organizations in Europe.

LOGISTICS: The virtual workshop is conducted on Zoom. Please make sure you have Zoom installed and tested prior to the workshop so we can start on time.

This is a virtual workshop. Come ready to be visible on the camera and to speak live during the entire workshop duration. The virtual workshop will be recorded and the recording will be available ONLY to registered participants.

YOUR FACILITATOR: Cristina Muntean is the founder and CEO of VORNICA®, a remote-first company on a mission to triple the number of women CEOs in Europe by 2030. Cristina is also the founder of THE CEO ELEVATION CIRCLE, a global community of women leaders on track to grow in their careers into the C-Suite and beyond. A former business journalist turned people and organization developer, Cristina works with TOP 500 leaders in Europe and beyond on the essential questions of our times, from how to avoid burnout, experience more purpose at work and achieve life-work integration, to how to manage our reputation strategically, how to engage stakeholders in complex business ecosystems, how to close the ever-widening digital gap, and how to drive prosperity for companies and communities alike. Born in Romania, raised in the Czech Republic, and currently living in and working remotely from Madeira, Portugal, Cristina is a published book author, relentless innovator, and courageous reflective partner for entrepreneurs and corporate CEOs. She provides her services in English, Czech, French, and Romanian – her mother tongue.


Do you know other outstanding women in the C-Suite in your organization / network / association / community who could benefit from this VIP executive roundtable? If yes, please forward them this invitation.

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